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Do not know how to register 1xBet? Although this is a favorite residence of many users and the process is relatively simple, often there are users with problems or difficulties in registering the same.

Welcome Bonus

Remember that 1xBet, besides having several options available to users, from sports betting to casino games, also has several promotions in force, and we have an exclusive 1xBet promotion code to optimize their bonuses.

So, if you are in doubt, for example, how to open an account to receive a bonus or something more about the registration procedure, We make a guide that explains simply creating an account, what form of payment is currently available to open an account, among other useful information.

We hope these tips help you to open an account at 1xBet and enjoy all that this platform has to offer. A very interesting embodiment of this platform is the section that offers live broadcast of sporting events. The 1xBet Live can be found on the page address bar followed by / stream.

Accessing 1xBet

Before explaining how to create an account on 1xBet, we must first point out that there are two ways to access the platform. The first ever passes the link through JohnnyBet, while the second goes directly to the platform through your browser, but do not forget to use our promo code, so you can maximize your welcome bonus in this house.

How to register in 1xBet

You do not know how to open an account to receive a bonus? In fact, as you can see, the entire process, from or register, until receipt of bonuses and even the first sports bet, It is quite simple and intuitive. Let's see how open an account and receive a bonus 1xBet.

1xBet Welcome bonus

1xbet Bonus 130 euro!

No 1xBet, you do not have to worry about where to find bonus upon registration. This because, after making a payment, you can see that the welcome bonus is automatically granted, up until 100% up until $ 650 Or until 130 € JOHNNYBET be used or code, depending on the chosen currency, to be credited to your account immediately after confirming the deposit.

Register for 1xBet

When you access the online platform 1xBet, you have to click on the button “Register” or “Register”, depending on the version you requested, namely, Brazil or Portuguese. Regardless of the version, after clicking the reference button, you will receive a registration form that must fill. As you will see, there are four ways to register, that includes: one click, telephone, email and social networks.

In this form, there is also a field called “enter a promotional code (if you have)”, which is where you enter your code, and the country and currency, and these two data are usually automatically selected. Before submitting a form, make sure that you agree to the rules and the privacy policy of the house and that is old enough to use its resources. By clicking “registrar / registrar”, you agree automatically with the same

1xbet cell registration Use your phone number to register with 1xBet – Deposit in 1xBet

coupon code 1xBet - 130€ !

When you get to this point, you are registered in 1xBet, but still you need to make a deposit to be able to bet later on this platform. Now, at this time, when you are in your user area, you have to click on the button “to deposit” no menu superior, side of the inbox. Or, you can click “my account” e “depositing on account”.

With regard to means of payment available, in this case for Brazil, we know that this house uses a payment system based on geolocation, for Brazilian users can make deposits using options as: AstroPay, Itaú, Bank Brazil, Bradesco, Cashier, billet, SafetyPay your Santander. The user must fill out a deposit form, confirm and make a payment.

How to bet on 1xBet

After registering in 1xBet and make your deposit, you can start taking advantage of all its resources, which of course includes sports betting, the area most sought after by users. E, to bet not 1xBet, users only need to find one or more games in which they can place their bets and, when they find, click on odd.

Promotional code: 1x_171439
Bonus: %200

This house uses a decimal chance system, repeated in Europe, so do not expect the same US system. Anyway, after a strange click, you will be given a coupon / Bulletin bets. Over there, the user only needs to show the amount (bet) you want and, Finally, Click in “bet”, to send bets on 1xBet.

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